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Where there are problems, there are solutions. For people who want to learn how to make a cleaner, greener world, Sustnrs instructional guides can provide you with clear and accessible advice about sustainable lifestyles.

Published for iPad, iPhone, and the web.

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The Mission of Sustnrs

We can make a change in our world. We can live in closer balance with nature, we can conserve our resources, and we can ensure that our kids and grandkids inherit a green and productive planet. We can learn to be more than just consumers of resources, we can be the sustainers of our world.

Sustnrs guides present some of the techniques and lifestyle changes that can help us to sustain our society and our livelihoods. Become a Sustainer - learn ways to live sustainably at home, at work, and in your community.

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Learn to grow food. Learn about sustainable sources of energy, green building practices, eco-friendly transportation, and more. The Sustnrs educational mediaBooks for devices and the web will help guide you on the path to sustainability.

Now available for iPad, iPhone, and the web, the first series of Sustnrs Guides: Grow

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Practical Guides to
Urban Agriculture

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urban garden at WeFarm America Chicago

In recent decades we’ve become separated from the food that sustains us. Our food is prepared by hands other than our own; it’s then served to us in boxes, in bags, in plastic containers. Millions of people in America alone have limited or no access to real, fresh, healthy produce.

Small farms and gardens are sprouting up in cities and suburbs around the country, as one of the solutions to this problem. Urban and suburban agriculture reconnects us to our food, and ensures a delicious, healthy meal for our citizens.

You can grow food anywhere: in your backyard, on your windowsill, on your rooftop, or in your community. Grow guides present tips and techniques of urban agriculture, so that you can feed yourself, your family, and your community.

harvesting the garden

Grow is a collaboration between WeFarm America and Helix River Media, L3C.

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rainbow chard

With instructional videos, photos, text, and interactivity, Grow will be a powerful tool on your journey to fresh, healthy produce. Available for iPad, iPhone, and the web.

cornucopia of organic produce
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  • Grow: seed starting outdoors mediabook
  • Grow: seed starting outdoors mediabook
  • Grow: seed starting outdoors mediabook
  • Grow: seed starting outdoors mediabook
  • Grow: seed starting outdoors mediabook

Download a free sample guide
from the Inkling Store:


Seed Starting Outdoors

The first sample edition of Grow provides step-by-step instructions for starting seeds outdoors. Learn proper spacing of seeds, how to prep the soil, how much to water, whether to prune or to pinch back, and more.

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Photos, videos, and interactive elements to show you detailed, step-by-step instructions on growing healthy, organic food.

multimedia stories about growing food


Read stories in multimedia format from seasoned farmers and gardeners, who share their trials and tribulations as growers.

community building


Connect with other growers on the web and in your town to learn and share experiences, even share a meal!

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Upcoming Topics

We're working hard to capture some great, informative content for a wide range of topics related to growing healthy, organic goodness:

  • Starting a Garden
  • Plant Care
  • Pest Control
  • Seed Saving
  • 4-Season Gardening
  • Composting
  • Putting the Garden to Bed
  • ...and much more in the works
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